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I was born in Brazil, Indiana in 1960 to Fredrick and Imogene Eveland. I graduated Brazil High School in 1977 and entered the Army in July 1978. I took my Basic Training at Ft McClellan, Alabama and Advance Individual Training (AIT) at Ft Leonardwood, Missouri for Heavy Construction Equipment Repairer. Stationed at barbers Point Naval Air Station, Hawaii, I was cross trained as a Flight Operations Specialist in the 147th Aviation Company (Chinook Helicopters). Transferred to Ft Rucker, Alabama in the 46th Engineer Battalion, I was back as a mechanic until the Army offered me the chance to go to the Military Intelligence School at Ft Huachuca, Arizona to become an Intelligence Analyst. After school I was assigned to Ft Campbell, Kentucky with the 101st Division Artillery. I went back to Ft Rucker, Alabama but this time working in the Threat Division of Directorate of Combat Developments assisting contractors in developing new helicopters and flying tactics to pilots. I was sent to 2nd Infantry Division in Korea working in the Operation Security Section then back to Ft Huachuca, Arizona for the Non-Commissioned Officer Courses. I stayed on as an instructor to the Basic Intelligence Analyst Course. The Army gave me another opportunity to advance myself by sending me to the Defense Intelligence College at Boling Air Force Base in Maryland. After the course, I was transferred to Darmstadt, Germany with the 165th Military Intelligence Battalion where I deployed to Incirlik, Turkey for Operation Provide Comfort II. I earned my combat patch during that operation. Upon my return to Germany, I learned of being downsized but I wasn’t quite ready to leave entirely yet. I transferred to the Army Reserves and was assigned back at Ft Huachuca, Arizona as both the Basic and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer’s Course Instructor. I was assigned temporary duty with the Joint Task Force working with a Federal Agency on a counter drug mission. I retired April 2002 with the rank of Master Sergent/E-8.