Hoosier Women Veterans

This page is to honor Indiana's (Hoosier) Women Veterans.  If you know or are a veteran, please contact me to have story added. 

Over 33,000 women veterans reside in Indiana. They served in every war period, including World War II, and 1,087 of them are military retirees. Today, there are 2,335 women on active duty (most current information is as of 30 November 2011), not including those serving in the Indiana National Guard or who are members of a Reserve unit.

Although this Blog is titled Indiana Women Veterans, it is hoped that all women who serve or have served know they are invited to share with us. We are all sisters and would love to hear from you.

I plan to take photographs of the items I have been blessed with by many Indiana WAVES and other services and put them to a story so you can enjoy better. I also hope to start putting some of my experiences on here as well. Please join me in making this a place to come and share. If you would like to see something on the site, let me know and I will try and incorporate it.

I am in need of help. Dorothy Webb had provided me with a list (below) of ladies that were WAVES but I have no information about them. She provided me with last know addresses but this was in 2007 and I had written to each of them only to get the letter returned undeliverable. I am hoping someone may know of them or their family. I would like to add some information to their name but will not be able to without others helping me. The reason I have so many WAVES (Navy) women is due to the organization the WAVES put together and a newsletter they put out to their members called the "WHITECAPS". As always I will be glad to post stories provided to me.

This is the list of Indiana women veterans that Dorothy Webb provided to me. Looking for information and/or contacts for these women who served as WAVES at the Boot Camp-Cedar Falls, Iowa about December 1942:

Baker, Beatrice (Le Clair) from Indianapolis, IN
Bowser, Doris (Fitzgerald) from Ft Wayne, IN
Buysse, Frances E. (Krieger) from Mishawaka, IN
Duff, Dorothy (Hodal) from South Bend, IN
Felsecker, Isabelle (Bromberk) from Gary, IN
Gardner, Dorothy (Schwermer) from Michigan City, IN
Kluge, Betty (Matz) from South Bend, IN
Krampe, Alberta (Francisco) from Plainfield, IN
Lapehn, Rebecca (Smith) from Indianapolis, IN
Lundstrom, Marcello A. (Lenne) from Terre Haute, IN
Schaber, Juanita M. (Werling) from Ft Wayne, IN

Also:  I am not sure but Indiana WAVES located at U.S. Naval Air Station, Memphis, TN 30 July 1942-30 July 1945:

Avery, Helen from Gary, IN
Baumgartner, Mildred from Winchester, IN
Cunningham, Susan from Battleground, IN
Evan, Elisabeth R. from Gary, IN
Hamblen, Bertha L. from Williamsport, IN
Kirkwood, Evelyn D. from Indianapolis, IN
Meyer, Evelyn J. from Huntington, IN
Phillips, Violette from East Chicago, IN
Prague, Dorothy L. from Lauesville, IN
Ruble, Dorothy from Munice, IN
Salsbury, Martha L. from Indianapolis, IN
Simpers, Mildred A. from Rockport, IN

(other misc Indiana veterans)
Amelia Taylor (Herdering) from Muncie, IN
Mary Catherine (Herdering) from Muncie, IN
Sally Knote from Selma, IN
Georgianna Rutherford (Pfefferle) from Marion, IN
Isabel Fabing from ?, IN