In Memory of World War II Women Veterans

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The following women died while serving our country during World War II:
Reports say that more than 400 American military women lost their lives during World War II. This is a few of those that had been identified:

7 Feb 44:
Three nurses died when the 95th Evac Hospital was bombed during the Battle of Anzio (Italy).

USA ANC LT Marjorie Morrow
USA ANC 1LT Carrie Sheetz
USA ANC LT Blanche Sigman-A hospital ship was named in her honor during the war.

9 Feb 44:
Two nurses were killed when the 33rd Field Hospital at Anzio was hit by artillery. Approximately 200 Army nurses took part in the Anzio Campaign. Two of them became the first women to receive the Silver Star for meritorious duty. During the Anzio Campaign they cared for 33,128 patients (10,809 battle casualities; 18,074 sick; 4245 other injuries).

USA ANC LT LaVerne Farquar
USA ANC LT gertrude Spelboug

16 Feb 44:
USA ANC LT Ellen Ainsworth-24 year old from Glenwood City, WI was on duty in a hospital ward near the Anzio beachhead on 10 February 1944. She was severely wounded on 10 Feb 44 during the Battle of Anzio in Italy. During an enemy artillery bombardment, a shell hit the hospital, Ellen calmly moved her patients to safety. She "instilled confidence in her assistants and her patients, thereby preventing serious panic and injury. Her courage under fire and her selfless devotion to duty were an inspiration to all who witnessed her actions." She died 6 days later and was the only Wisconsin woman to die from enemy fire during World War II. She was awarded the Purple Heart. In her honor, a nursing care building at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, WI is named Ainsworth Hall. A dispensary at Fort Hamilton, NY and a conference room in the Pentagon also are named in her honor

During the battle on Anzio, the German bombing and strafing of the tented hospital area killed six Army nurses. Four Amy nurses among the survivors were awarded Silver Stars for extraordinary courage under fire.

18 May 44:
USA Army Nurse Corps 2LT Eloise Richardson-24 year old from Marseilles, IL was on a routine flight between the western coast of Bougainville and Guadacanal in the South Pacific. She was a flight nurse aboard a C-47 which was transporting wounded troops, but never arrived at its destination. No evidence of its whereabouts has ever been recovered. Eloise graduated from Ryburn-King School of Nursing and had worked in Chicago's Cook County Hospital prior to joining the Army Air Force division of nurses in 1943. Eloise was officially declared dead on 19 May 1945; in August she was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

21 Oct 44:
USA ANC LT Frances Slanger-was with the 45th Field Hospital-one of four units that arrived in Normandy on 10 June 1944-just four day after D-Day. She was one of four nurses who waded ashore at the Normandy beachhead on D-Day. The 45th became the target of a German artillery barrage. She was mortally wounded when one of the shells burst nearby. Frances and three other nurses were hit by shell fragments. She died two hours later. Frances became the only Army nurse killed by enemy action in the push from Normandy to the Rhine. Frances was buried in the American military cemetary of Henri Chappelle (Belgium). Some years later, her family had her remains removed and interred in a Jewish cemetary in Roxbury, MA. In Boston, the Jewish women Veterans of World War II formed an all women chapter of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and named it the "Lieutenant Frances Slanger Memorial Post."

1 Nov 44:
USA ANC 1LT Aleda Lutz-from Freeland, MI is one of the most celebrated war heroes of World War II. As an Army Flight Nurse, she flew 196 missions in an air ambulance, losing her own life in an evacuation effort over Lyon, Italy. Supposedly she was the first US military woman to die in a combat zone during World War II.

28 Apr 45: In the Pacific Theater a Japanese "Kamikazi (suicide plane) bombed the hospital ship USNHS Comfort off Leyte Island, between Guam and Okinawa. The bombing completely destroyed the Operating Room area on the ship. In the attack 28 personnel were killed including 6 nurses and at least 48 others were wounded including medical personnel and 4 nurses. The women who died that day were:
USA ANC 2LT Margaret Billings
USA ANC 2LT Frances Chelsey-The Presque Isle High School that Frances graduated from in 1928 memorialized her with a plaque.
USA ANC Evelyn Eckert
USA ANC 2LT Ida Greenwood
USA ANC 1LT Florence Grewer
USA ANC 2LT Dorothy Stanke

A lesser known fact is that 38 members of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS), Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) Trainees and WASPs lost their lives during WWII and yet those who served as WASPs were not given full military status until many years later:

7 Mar 43-WASP Class 43-W-4 Trainee Margaret C. Sanford Oldenburg
21 Mar 43-WAFS Cornelia Fort-The first American women pilot to die on active duty.
7 Jun 43-WASP Class 43-W-4 Trainee Jane Dolores Champlin-The first fatality at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX
4 Aug 43-WASP Class 43-W-8 Trainee Kathryn Barbara Lawrence
23 Aug 43-WASP Class 43-W-3 Mabel Virginia Rawlinson
30 Aug 43-WASP Class 43-W-5 Trainee Helen Jo Anderson Severson
30 Aug 43-WASP Class 43-W-5 Trainee Margaret "Peggy" June Seip
23 Sep 43- WASP Class 43-W-4 Betty Taylor Wood
5 Oct 43-WASP Class 43-W-2 Virginia C. Moffatt
7 Nov 43-WASP Class 43-W-4 Mary Elizabeth Trebing
3 Dec 43-WAFS Dorothy E. Scott
18 Feb 44-WASP Class 43-W-8 Marian Toevs
25 Feb 44-WASP Class 44-W-2 Trainee Betty Pauline Stine
27 Mar 44-WASP Class 43-W-3 Frances Fortune Grimes
3 Apr 44-WAFS Evelyn Sharp
10 Apr 44-WASP Class 43-W-4 Marie Ethel Sharon
16 Apr 44-WASP Class 44-W-4 Trainee Mary Holmes Howson
25 Apr 44-WASP Class 44-W-1 Trainee Jayne ELizabeth Erickson
11 Jun 44-WASP Class 43-W-2 Dorothy Mae "Dottie" Nichols
13 Jun 44-WASP Class 44-W-6 Trainee Marjorie Doris Edwards
20 Jun 44-WASP Class 44-W-9 Trainee Gleanna Roberts
21 Jun 44-WASP Class 44-W-3 Lea Ola McDonald
29 Jun 44- WASP Class 43-W-6 Bonnie Jean Alloway Welz
4 Jul 44-WASP Class 44-W-2 Susan Parker Clarke
7 Jul 44-WASP Class 43-W-2 Paula Ruth Loop
8 Jul 44-WASP Class 44-W-3 Bettie Mae Scott
18 Jul 44-WASP Class 44-W-5 Beverly Jean Moses
14 Aug 44-WASP Class 43-W-5 Mary E. Hartson
13 Sep 44-WASP Class43-W-5 Alice E. Lovejoy
2 Oct 44-WASP Class 44-W-2 Marie Michell Robinson
3 Oct 44-WASP Class 44-W-4 Peggy Wilson Martin
16 Oct 44-WASP Class 44-W-3 Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck
16 Oct 44-WASP Class 44-W-9 Trainee Marjorie "Margie" Laverne Davis
26 Oct 44-WASP CLass 43-W-7 Gertrude V. Tompkins-Silver-no traces of her or her plane have been found so date of death is approximate
23 Nov 44-WASP Class 43-W-4 Hazel Ah Ying Lee
26 Nov 44-WASP Class 44-W-1 Katherine "Kay" Applegate Dussaq
9 Dec 44-WASP Class 44-W-8 Mary Louis Webster

I will post some history later on WASPS and Nurses from this time period. We had nurses who were taken as POWs in the Phillipines.